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Survey for Junior Web Designer position at Pixel Point

Basic information

Please share your name, email address, Telegram handle, and current geographic location.

Skill set

Select options that apply.

What is your English level?

Can you draw?

Are you familiar with Adobe Creative Suite?

Mainly Photoshop, Illustrator

Any generative AI tooling experience?

e.g. MidJourney, DALL-E, ChatGPT

What is your real-world professional experience as a designer?

Freelance/employment. Count in every design work you were paid for.


What do you consider reasonable compensation for your level of experience at the moment? You may mention any currency.

Test assignment

Figma link - here you can find the assignment and necessary instructions.
We require to complete a test assignment designed in such a way to expose all your professional strengths and gaps. We promise to answer everyone who made a fair attempt, but do not consider ourselves obliged to provide a detailed review.
Provide a link to you mockup, make sure it is accessible and all tasks are completed:

Motivation letter

e.g. Why are you applying? Why us? What makes you stand out as a junior designer?


Please provide a link to your CV/resume. Make sure it is accessible in incognito mode!
or attach a file: