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Survey for Middle Project Manager position at Pixel Point

Basic information

Please share your name, email address, TG handle, and current geographic location.

Where did you find this job listing?


Please write a couple of paragraphs on what do you find the most exciting about being project manager.

Practical exercise

A client has asked you to propose a basic prototype for his upcoming `About us` company page. Draw a very rough basic mockup using tools like Miro/Figma/Excalidraw or simply pen and paper, and send it to us using blocks below.
Provide a link to you mockup:
or attach a file:

Expected compensation level


Please record a short video (~1 minute) in English. Pretend you are on the first kickoff call with a new client. Neither side has met before. Introduce yourself, present our company (using info available at, and then pass the word over to the client.
Upload anywhere (gdrive, youtube, etc) and share the link. Make sure it is available!


Please provide a link to your CV:
or attach a file: